Concrete polishing


way to strengthen concrete and achieve a high-quality surface, which is pleasing to the eye, for
long-term and safe use.

If you want to maximize the performance parameters of your flooring, read about the advantages of choosing polished concrete.


way to strengthen concrete and achieve a high-quality surface, which is pleasing to the eye, for
long-term and safe use.
Lessees, auditors and employees tend to assign higher scores to surfaces that have undergone
polishing of concrete.
Polished concrete is the perfect solution for those, who want to achieve high standards
of services offered. Polished concrete performs well in every industry,
offering a significant advantage in rental of storage space. Both lessees and owners achieve
much better operating results, saving on further repairs and stoppages,
associated with maintenance.
We offer a multi-stage chemical and mechanical process, using the best
agents and planetary machines available on the market.
– we remove the top layer of concrete
– we reach the layer underneath, harden it with silicate-based impregnants to the depth of about 3-5mm
– we perform multi-stage polishing of the floor
– we apply the impregnant, which seals the pores and leaves a thin layer of polymer
– we perform the final polishing process at the intensity level prearranged with the Client.

We know everything anyone needs to know about polishing of concrete.

POLISHED CONCRETE significantly prolongs useful life of your flooring

POLISHED CONCRETE is cost-effective

POLISHED CONCRETE is water-resistant

POLISHED CONCRETE reflects much of light shining on the surface

POLISHED CONCRETE is easily kept clean

POLISHED CONCRETE is non-slippery

POLISHED CONCRETE is pleasing to the eye

Make the right decision

Before the floor in your warehouse has been completely destroyed, seek expert advice.
We know everything there is to know about concrete flooring. As a company with many years of experience, we know perfectly well how to maintain all kinds of industrial flooring to make it useful for a really long time.
It is a good idea to think about the future of your industrial flooring as soon as you install it.
Properly performed concrete impregnation and polishing seals the pores, making the floor water-proof and strengthening its surface.
Professional concrete maintenance is the solution to save time and money due to further repairs and stoppages caused by the necessity to exclude the surface being repaired from traffic.

What are the advantages of concrete polishing?

First of all, it will eliminate future problems with your flooring.
Polished concrete has all parameters that make functioning of any company easier.
You will no longer have to worry about spilled oil or other liquids, as polished concrete is water-proof. No more ugly stains and remarks from auditors. Polished concrete is also about increased absorption of light. As a result, every warehouse and production facility is pleasing to the eye, giving the impression of being well-tended and clean, as the amount of light reflected is much higher in comparison with matte concrete. Employees are also working more efficiently in a well-lit room. A cleaning company that maintains the floor is able to work more effectively, as polished concrete is no longer porous, and when wet, it does not absorb dirt, which is collected fully by the automatic washers. It is also necessary to choose the washing agents with a proper pH. You will find more information under the tab EXPERT ADVICE.

What is concrete polishing all about?

The technology that we use consists of grinding, polishing, hardening and impregnation of concrete and stone floors. Grinding is performed by the best planetary machines on the market, using the wet or dry process.
The surface is then hardened and impregnated using silicate-based nanotechnology preparations of the highest quality.
Silicate molecules get into concrete to the depth of about 5 mm to bind with calcium particles. As a result, concrete is strengthened, its surface is protected against dust, it becomes hydrophobic and shiny.

A worthy investment

Concrete polishing is not expensive, but it may save you the costs of the flooring starting to crush or raise dust. Chipping is not only unsightly, but also very dangerous, for instance, for forklift trucks or other vehicles moving around production and storage facilities. A dusting floor is very troublesome in production, as well as in warehouses used to store goods. Dust from the floor falls onto production lines and goods being stored. Cleaning companies perform the hard work of removing floor dust from high-bay racks, goods and production lines. The problem will be aggravated over time, leading to increased costs of maintaining the proper condition of the floors, production facilities and goods stored.

Are you interested in your offer?
We encourage you to get in touch with our experts.
We will visit your company regardless of its location.
We will perform a free assessment of your industrial flooring and a trial polishing on the surface chosen by you. You will have the time to test the advantages of concrete polishing.
Our highly qualified team is able to polish more than 1000 square meters of concrete during a single shift. Concrete polishing is also possible during operation of your warehouse. We use a dust-free technology, which allows us to complete the tasks ordered effectively without interfering with your daily work.

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